S. is centering back on our physical reality.
S. is always personal.
S. is low-key and low-threshold.

S. is a path of shifting: from what something is to what it does.
S.’ collections want to be timeless.

S. is trajectory as form, time as form, relationships as form.

S. is benevolent,
S. is a shared space,
S. is a place of freedom.

Caring is the attitude, positive is the future.

SPELLS is an immaterial fashion concept initiated in 2009.

For SPELLS, body languages – gestures, poses and relation(alitie)s between individuals and objects – replace clothes as the carrier of values, codes, and meanings in public space. 

In a world where scarcity of materials is imminent and is the source of ongoing and future death of peoples and other living beings, it is urgent to question fashion as a system.

SPELLS wants to dematerialize parts of that system, disrupt the current (devastating) industrial production, supply the public with alternative forms of expressions for a post-material age, and enhance the presence of emancipated bodies in public space.

SPELLS calls for reading, inhabiting, and embodying immaterial fashion.

Since 2020, SPELLS has been run by Erik Annerborn and Ingrid Cogne. In 2021, they wrote the SPELLS’ fashion im/material manifesto (Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague, publication release planned autumn 2022): a manifesto composed of movements activated by textual statements. In spring 2022, they presented the artworks: REISSUE SPELLS, 2009|2022 and REISSUE COLLECTION 0, 2019|2022 at Galerie Michaela Stock (Vienna, AT) in the context of the exhibition MATERIAL STORIES curated by Helen Carey. 

For inquiries, collaborations and further information, e-mail us at info@immaterialfashion.com